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1. INDUCTION TRAINING. As soon as practicable after joining the Council a parish councillor should attend any local available induction training session to familiarise him or herself with the general work of a parish council.

2. PROVISION OF INFORMATION PERTINENT TO SEDLESCOMBE PARISH COUNCIL. The Clerk will provide a pack for new councillors including all information regarding Sedlescombe Parish Council including its Code of Conduct, a list of member/Clerk contacts, Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, Terms of Reference and Annual Schedule for Committees, Asset Register, Policies, Accounts, Planning Procedure, list of leaflets, information re the Parish Council's website. All documents can also be accessed from the website.

The Clerk will provide new councillors with background information to help them fulfil their role as a Sedlescombe parish councillor.

3. INSPECTION OF VILLAGE ASSETS. New councillors will be invited to accompany the Chairman of Finance and the Clerk/RFO on their annual inspection of the village. In addition, all councillors are welcome to attend the inspection at any time.

4. INDUCTION TRAINING FOLLOW UP. In order to keep up to date, parish councillors will be encouraged to undertake training. This may take the form of an official training session organised by a body such as the Sussex Association of Local Councils, be a more informal sharing of information with other councils or even in-house training.

5. "IN-HOUSE TRAINING". The following subjects could form part of the training sessions:

  1. Finance - How the Parish Council manages Council Taxpayers' money.
    1. The Council Tax Bill and how it is split up.
    2. The RFO's job.
    3. The councillor's job regarding finance.
    4. Financial regulations.
    5. Internal financial control.
    6. Asset Register.
    7. Risk Management.
    8. Insurance.
    9. Investments.
    10. The budget
    11. Quarterly financial reviews.
    12. Internal and External Audits.
  2. Planning - The Parish Council's planning policy.
  3. The purpose of the Annual Assembly of the Parish Meeting.
  4. Sedlescombe Parish Council website.

Members are invited to ask the Clerk to arrange in-house training in accordance with the above or as requested.

6. PLANNING SEMINARS. Rother District Council's Planning Department arranges regular planning seminars. Parish councillors and the Clerk should try to attend.


  1. Clerks' Training Days. The Sussex Association of Local Councils and the Society of Local Council Clerks arrange regular training days for clerks. The Clerk/RFO should try to attend these days and should implement recommended good practice.
  2. Meetings of Rother Clerks. The Clerk/RFO shoudl try to attend the Clerks' quarterly meetings held in Battle. These meetings allow a useful exchange of information and best practice methods amongst clerks. Speakers on relevant topics may be included.

8. COUNCIL BUDGET. The Finance Committee should ensure that a training allocation is included in the annual budget.

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