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The Parish Council - Who We Are & What We Do



Sedlescombe Parish Council is a statutory local authority.
Decisions are made under legal powers granted to
Parish Council by Acts of Parliament.
Please CLICK on the pictures below to find out about the
Members and the Clerk that make up Sedlescombe Parish Council

Councillor Jonathan Vine-Hall Councillor Pauline Glew
Councillor Roy Chapman
Jonathan Vine-Hall
Pauline Glew
Roy Chapman
Councillor Peter Anson
Councillor John Parsons
Clerk, Carol Hodgson
Peter Anson
Lindsay Fraser
Michelle Brister






Gareth Matthews
Andy Waters
  Clerk, Carol Hodgson  
Acting Parish Clerk

Members are bound by a Code of Conduct including the 7 principles of public life. Members' interests have been posted on the Rother District Council website and can be seen by clicking here.

Sometimes, vacancies arise and local residents are invited to apply to join the waiting list at any time. Contact clerk@sedlescombe.org.uk

The 4th edition of THE GOOD COUNCILLOR'S GUIDE provides lots of useful information for both existing councillors and those who think they might like to become a councillor.