Neighbourhood Plan Committee


Chairman - Councillor Jonathan Vine-Hall
Councillors....... Michelle Brister, Roy Chapman, Lindsay Fraser, Pauline Glew (Vice-Chair of Council), Gareth Matthews and Andy Waters

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The following resolution has been passed by Sedlescombe Parish Council on
18th February 2013 and reviewed with no changes on 19th January 2016:

That Sedlescombe Parish Council is a "qualifying body" for the preparation of a
Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan (SNP).
That the whole of the parish of Sedlescombe has been designated to be included in the SNP. This will allow all parts of the parish to be involved in considering issues raised through the Plan process.
That the SNP is expected to be limited to consideration of Policies and Site Allocations for housing development within the parish to meet the target figure of 17 specified for Sedlescombe in the Rother District Core Strategy to 2028 plus identification of areas where money raised from the expected Community infrastructure Levy and allocated to the Parish Council may be spent.

Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan Committee

Terms of reference

  1. To consider whether people other than parish councillors should be invited to join the SNPPG, although the Parish Council will ultimately be responsible for the Plan.  This could include focus groups from different areas of the Village.

  2. To identify who will co-ordinate different aspects of the Plan ie
    1. Writing a brief for the Planning Consultant and other professional bodies (if any)
    2. Checking National Planning Policies and Rother District Council Core Strategy Policies (Draft Local Plan) that set out the vision and objectives for the whole district and identifying those relevant to the SNP. To note any policies in the Draft Local Plan that might conflict with the SNP.
    3. Production of an Environmental Impact Assessment if the District Council states this is required
    4. Production of a Current state of the Parish of Sedlescombe report  including housing needs of the parish
    5. Production of mapping
    6. Community engagement with
      1. Residents
      2. Community organisations
      3. Businesses
      4. Landowners
    7. Dissemination of information by methods including
      1. Annual parish assembly 30/04/13
      2. other meetings and events
      3. leaflets and posters
      4. street/area champions
      5. workshops and questionnaires
      6. website, e-mail groups, social media
      7. notices in Sedlescombe News, Sedlescombe Parish Council Bulletins, Rye & Battle Observer
      8. local radio stations
    8. Identification of the necessary resources and their costs - all items needing funding must be approved by the Finance Committee
      1. people
      2. venues
      3. materials
      4. funding -
      5. other
    9. Production of an Issues and Aims Document for approval of the Group
    10. Development of policies and site allocation options for new housing and affordable housing in Sedlescombe
    11. Drawing up advantages and disadvantages of each site
    12. Design of properties and who they should appeal to
    13. Liaison with Rother District Council throughout the process
    14. Maintenance of an evidence based background document listing sources of evidence, summarising new evidence and describing the outcomes of the community engagement programme at different stages in the plan process.
    15. Analysis of consultation results
    16. Drawing up a timetable and ensuring that it is kept to
    17. Identification of areas were money raised from the expected Community Infrastructure Levy and allocated to the Parish Council may be spent
    18. Ensuring that the Basic Conditions for Neighbourhood Plans as specified by law are being adhered to:
      1. must be appropriate having regard to national policy
      2. must contribute to the achievement of sustainable development
      3. must be in general conformity with the strategic polices in the development plan for the Rother District
      4. must be compatible with human rights requirements
      5. must be compatible with EU obligations.
    19. Checking the soundness of proposed allocations
    20. Designing the layout of the Plan
    21. Drafting  the Pre-Submission Plan ready for independent examination and arranging the consultation with
      1. East Sussex County Council
      2. The Environment Agency
      3. English Heritage
      4. Natural England
      5. Neighbouring parish councils ie Whatlington, Battle, Ewhurst, Brede, Westfield, Salehurst & Roberstbridge
      6. Local residents
    22. Checking the Plan for consistency and soundness
    23. Submitting the Plan to Rother District Council containing the following:
      1. details of people and organisations consulted about the proposed Neighbourhood Plan
      2. details of how they were consulted
      3. a summary of the main issues and concerns raised through the consultation process
      4. descriptions of how these issues and concerns were considered and addressed in the proposed Plan.
    24. Incorporating any amendments ready for the referendum
    25. Recommending to the Parish Council how the Plan should be implemented