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    Sedlescombe Parish Council's aim is for Sedlescombe to be an informed and participating community (Aim 1 of the Sedlescombe Parish Plan 2002).

    1. Sedlescombe Parish Council will conduct its business in an open manner with decisions made in public to encourage understanding of the Parish Council and its work. All parish council meetings are open to public observers.
    2. Sedlescombe Parish Council allows members of the public to address meetings regarding matters on the agendas.
    3. Members of the public are allowed to submit agenda items for discussion by the Council or its committees.
    4. Sedlescombe Parish Council agendas are made available on the www.sedlescombe.org.uk website at least five clear days before the meeting.
    5. Sedlescombe Parish Council draft Minutes are made available on the www.sedlescombe.org.uk website as soon as possible after the meetings, usually within 24 hours.

  3. CO-OPTION TO COMMITTEES. From time to time, members of the community with special skills are invited to be co-opted to a Parish Council Committee.

    1. Sedlescombe Parish Council publishes a Bulletin three times a year. It is delivered to every home in the parish by a group of about twenty volunteers.
    2. Sedlescombe Parish Council publishes an Annual Report and Business Directory in April. It also contains the draft Minutes of the previous year's Annual Assembly of the Parish Meeting and agenda of the current year's Assembly. This is usually a 40-page A5 booklet with coloured cover delivered to every home in the parish by a group of about twenty volunteers. Copies are sent to Chief Officers of Rother District Council and East Sussex County Council. Business advertising usually covers the cost of printing.
    3. The Annual Report includes a page long financial report for the year just finished and the budget for the coming year.
    4. Copies of the Bulletin and Annual Report/Directory are made available on the www.sedlescombe.org.uk website as soon as possible.
    5. Sedlescombe Parish Council publishes a monthly news page on the www.sedlescombe.org.uk website
    6. Sedlescombe Parish Council/Annual Assembly agendas and other information are posted on the Council's noticeboard on the wall of the Sedlescombe Stores.
    7. The house names of people who have recently moved into the Village are provided by Rother District Council each week."Welcome to Sedlescombe" packs are delivered to these properties.
    8. Sedlescombe Parish Council makes use of the weekly Sedlescombe News and the Sedlescombe Village Voice column of the Battle & Rye Observer to disseminate information.
    9. The Clerk/RFO and also the Chairman often receive queries from local people which are answered as soon as possible, usually the same day by e-mail. If necessary items are added to Council agendas.

    1. Sedlescombe Parish Council has appointed:
      1. A Trustee of Sedlescombe Village Hall Charity
      2. A representative on Sedlescombe Sports Association Committee
      3. Two representatives on the Rother District Association of Town & Parish councils
      4. A representative on the Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Watch Group.
      5. A transport representative who attends Rother Transport meetings of the Local Strategic Partnership.

  6. SURVEYS. Sedlescombe Parish Council consults its residents by regular surveys. The Sedlescombe Parish Plan was produced in 2002 and has had several updates. The Parish Plan can be seen on the www.sedlescombe.org.uk website. Another Parish Plan is being considered in 2011.

  7. LINKS WITH THE SUSSEX POLICE. Sedlescombe Parish Council has good links with the Sussex Police, especially its Police Community Support Officer, Demetrius Georghiou.

  8. LINKS WITH VILLAGE ORGANISATIONS AND BUSINESSES. Village organisations and businesses are invited to use a table at the Annual Assembly of the Parish Meeting in April to display information about themselves. The Assemblies are usually well attended, the record being 125. Around 100 people attending is very usual.

  9. FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE. Sedlescombe Parish Council considers requests for funding from Village organisations or bodies eg the Sedlescombe Churchyard Fund. £500 is usually included in the annual budget. The Parish Council will be expected to financially support applications to Rother District Council's Community Fund.

  10. HOUSING ALLOCATIONS. Under a proposed Rother District Council Allocations Policy, the Parish Council will be expected to confirm that applicants have a local connection.

P J Raymond
Sedlescombe Parish Council Clerk/RFO
13 September 2011