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19th November 2015. Throughout the year we have been issuing updates in the parish bulletins on the progress of our Neighbourhood Plan. Here’s an overview on what’s been happening:

In February our plan was examined and passed by a government inspector to move to a referendum. The government inspector recommended a number of modifications to the policies in the plan which is quite normal.

However three of the proposed modifications caused an issue for the Parish Council in its aim to both satisfy the clearly articulated needs of the significant majority (over 90%) of our community and its responsibility to deliver the amount of housing required by the District Council.

The first proposed modification was to remove from the plan the proposed development at the back of Blackbrooks Garden centre of 12 houses. This was unfortunate as part of this development would have contributed to significant funding towards the construction of a roundabout at the junction of the A21 and B2244. This development had been supported by 89% of residents at the exhibition held in the village hall.

The second unacceptable modification was the removal by the inspector of Street Farm’s designation as a ‘Green Space’. This would again open this important village green gap to development which is unwanted by over 90% of the community.

The third was more complex but essentially would have allowed development pretty much anywhere around the village edge as long as developer could demonstrate its acceptability. The net effect of these changes was to undermine the very purpose of a Neighbourhood Plan which is to allow the community to determine where development should occur and the type and size of developments.

Due to the May elections the Parish Council could not met with the District Council until late July to discuss how to move the plan forward given the issues I have outlined. In addition, some other site owners had come forward in the interim who now wished their sites to be considered for inclusion in the plan. After three months of deliberation and considering legal advice, the District Council established that there were only one of two courses of action available. To either take the Neighbourhood Plan to referendum as it stood with the above unacceptable modifications or to withdraw the plan to allow it to be modified in a way that would be acceptable to both our community and the District Council.

The Parish Council voted unanimously to withdraw the plan to allow the new sites to be considered and to address any other issues to ensure that our community gets the plan which is consistent with its clearly stated wishes.

There will be another consultation where all residents will have the opportunity to comment on the revised plan. This will be at the earliest possible time in 2016.

2nd November 2015. Rother DC Cabinet Meeting Agenda Item 8.1 will consider the Examiner’s Report into the Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan.
Reports presented to Cabinet by the Executive Director of Business Operations are as follows:-

Report of the Executive Director of Business Operations
Appendix 1 - The Examiners Report
Appendix 2 - Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan - As proposed to be modified by the Independent Examiner and as recommended to be put to referendum.

21st October 2015. Our Neighbourhood Plan passed its examination in February this year. It took 5 months to secure a meeting with the District Council due to the intervening elections. The purpose of the meeting in July was to discuss how best to take the plan forward. As I reported in the last bulletin, the Inspector had recommended two major modifications to the plan which were entirely against the stated wishes of our community. We have addressed these issues with the District Council who are not required to take up the Inspector’s recommendations under certain circumstances which we believe we have fulfilled. The District Council decided to take legal advice on the proposals and options that were discussed to ensure the plan could not be challenged and that the correct process is followed. At the time of writing, we are still waiting to hear back from the District Council. It might be a little frustrating that as a community we expressed our clear preferences for where and how much development should take place in Sedlescombe just over two years ago through the large village survey and the well attended exhibition at the village hall, and still our plan has not come to referendum. However, we have had to overcome many obstacles not the least being that we were the first community to do a Neighbourhood Plan in Rother District. Whilst we have led the way, going first also had the drawback that the District Council was not re sourced or sufficiently familiar with the process and we, as a Parish Council, have had to meet and overcome many obstacles placed in our way by the District Council. Five more Parishes have now followed us and are in the early stages on their Plans. Interestingly, they have all come to Sedlescombe for advice, help and support on how to prepare their Plans which we have freely given. Rother have now employed an officer specifically to support Parishes doing Neighbourhood Plans.

It has taken longer than we expected but has cost considerably less than expected.

What is most important is that we are committed to delivering a Neighbourhood Plan which is as close as possible to the clear and unambiguous wishes of our community.

We are very close to achieving that goal. There is a little more work to be done and a good chance everyone will need to get involved again at least one more time before the referendum. There is truth in the expression. ‘Something worth having is worth fighting for’ and certainly worth the effort we have invested as a community.

24th July 2015. A meeting was held with Rother District Council to discuss options for the Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan to ensure it satisfies both the community’s needs and the District Council’s policies.

16th June 2015. In January 2015 the government Inspector passed the Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan and recommended that it proceed to referendum, subject to a number of modifications.
Some of the proposed modifications would result in development that is not wanted by over 90% of our community. This is completely contrary to the aim of making a Neighbourhood Plan, where the community has the opportunity to choose where development takes place. Our community has expressed a very clear preference for the development they want and the Parish Council will continue to work to achieve this. 
The District Council is not obliged to accept the Inspector’s proposed modifications and can agree different modifications with the Parish Council to allow the Plan to meet the community’s expectations and therefore be able to move forward to a referendum which would attract a ‘YES’ vote. To this end the Parish Council has been seeking a meeting with the District Council since mid-February to agree an acceptable solution. 
We expect to meet with the District Council in mid-July.

23rd March 2015. The appeal by MJH Executive Homes for housing at Street Farm was today refused by the Secretary of State. (Decision Notice HERE)
The Secretary of State upheld the decision to refuse the appeal.
The appeal was refused on two grounds:-
• He agreed that Rother District Council did have a 5 year supply of housing and therefore there was no reason to release more land in the AONB outside the development boundary.
• He also agreed that because Sedlescombe has a Neighbourhood Plan at a very advanced stage, granting permission would be premature and prejudice the plan making process.
This process has taken over two years and many hours of work against a developer with very deep pockets and against the wishes of 92% of our community and our Neighbourhood Plan. However, it is possible that the developer may still appeal to the High Court but let us hope they see sense and recognise and acknowledge the wishes of the community as expressed through our Neighbourhood Plan.

March 2015. The Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan completed its consultation in early May 2014 and after modifications were made a final Plan was submitted to Rother District Council who then completed a final consultation in August and September. Results were very similar with circa 90% of residents and stakeholders supporting the Plan. Preparing the Plan has been a highly involved process and we would like to thank everyone for contributing either directly or simply by filling in the questionnaires and consultation forms or attending the exhibition. The Plan passed its examination subject to a number of recommended modifications and the Parish Council is now in discussions with the District Council to finalise the Plan before a referendum is held. As you know, the Plan’s focus is on delivering as much of the required housing onto brownfield sites or in ways which Pestalozzi and the Church benefit from their own developments.
Hopefully our Plan will be able to go forward for referendum in the first half of 2015. Not only does the Neighbourhood Plan deliver housing to our community according to the wishes of 90% of our community, but the very fact that we have one means we will receive 25% of the soon to be introduced Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). This compares with only 15% for those communities who don’t have a Neighbourhood Plan. Our higher level CIL means our community will receive £5,000 for a typical 100sq metre house built in the Parish with the money to be used for local infrastructure projects (This is based on the current proposals to be approved by Rother District Council’s cabinet and expected to be implemented by mid 2015. The CIL is not paid for affordable homes.)
Please make sure you participate in the Neighbourhood Plan referendum.

January 2015. Mr. Nigel McGurk - the appointed Examiner - has completed his review of the draft Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan together with accompanying documents and all duly-made representations. His report has now been received by Rother DC - Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan Examination Report.
Mr. McGurk has concluded that, subject to a number of modifications that are set out in his Report, the Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan meets the basic conditions. He accordingly states that:
'I recommend to Rother District Council that, subject to the modifications proposed, the Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan should proceed to a Referendum.'
He also recommends that the 'Referendum Area' be the same as the 'Neighbourhood Area; that is, Sedlescombe Parish.

October 2014. Rother DC has submitted the draft Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan and accompanying documents, together with all duly-made representations to the appointed Examiner, Mr. Nigel McGurk, to undertake an independent Examination of the Plan.

19th August 2014. Start of Rother District Council Public Consultation. In accordance with Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations (2012), Rother District Council is now undertaking a seven week consultation to provide an opportunity for all parties to comment on the submitted proposals before the plan goes to examination.

The consultation documents can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the links below:

1. State of the Parish Report
1a. State of the Parish Report - Appendices (link on SPC website)
2. Basic Condition Statement
3. Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan Submission Version
4. Consultation Statement
5. Site Assessment Report
6. Strategic Environmental Assessment
7. Copy of the Public Notice
8. Maroon Planning Pre-Submission Plan Review

Representations: To view the representations please click on the following:-

Representations 1 - 20
Representations 21 - 40
Representations 41 - 60
Representations 61 - 80
Representations 81 - 100
Representations 101 - 120
Representations 121 - 140
Representations 141 - 160
Representations 161 - 180
Representations 181 - 200
Representations 201 - 220
Representations 221 - 240
Representations 241 - 260
Representations 261 - 280
Representations 281 - 300
Representations 301 - 320
Representations 321 - 340
Representations 341 - 360
Representations 361 - 381
Representations 382 - 400
Representations 401 - 420
Representations 421 - 437

Note: Where Rother District Council considers that representations contain defamatory or potentially defamatory remarks, these are redacted.

7th May 2014. End of Consultation Period on the draft Plan lasting almost seven weeks.

20th March 2014. Sedlescombe's Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Plan, its supporting papers and its response form were made available on this website. See here for details of the Consultation Papers. The consultation period will last until 5pm on Tuesday 6 May 2014 ie allowing more than the 6 week's for comments to be sent to the Parish Council. Hard copies will be available from 19/03/14 in the afternoon at designated places around the Village.

2nd February 2014
. Sedlescombe is expected to be at the 6-week public consultation stage of the Pre-Submission (ie draft) Plan in about a month's time.  Following the consultation period and any updates that need doing, the Plan will be submitted to Rother District Council for them to check that all requirements have been met before they must pass it to an independent Examiner.  The Examiner may decide that the Plan needs to be amended in some way but if he/she is happy, it will go to a referendum of all persons registered to vote in the Parish of Sedlescombe.  If this results in at least 50% of the Parish supporting the Plan, it will be made and become Planning law.

If all goes well, and the Plan is not held up along the way or delayed waiting for others outside our control, it should be made this summer, about 18 months from the start of the long process.

31st January 2014. Leaflet from Sedlescombe Parish Council re Brede Lane site planning application.

14th January 2014. Leaflet from MJH Executive Homes re Brede Lane site planning application.

14th January 2014. Resolution at Minute NHP 13/14.79 rescinded.

5th December 2013. Letter from David Marlow, Rother DC Planning Strategy and Environment Manager headed "Sedlescombe Sites Appraisal against the saved Local Plan policies and submitted Core Strategy (as proposed modifications) policies.

2nd December 2013. A Scoping Report in connection with the proposed Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA) was sent to statutory consultees English Heritage, The Environmental Agency and Natural England.

28th November 2013. A letter was received from Rother confirming the need for a Strategic Environmental Assessment to be undertaken at the same time as the Pre-Submission (draft) Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan is produced.

13th November 2013. The Sedlescombe State of the Parish Report November 2013, together with supporting background documents, was published on the Parish Council's website.

23rd October 2013. The result of the professional analysis of 331 Exhibition Sedlescombe resident site survey forms has now been received and is available here. This is an update of other relevant URL's (those provided earlier will not function due to a re-organisation of website files):

  1. The Exhibition Introductory Displays and Survey
  2. The Sites as displayed at the Exhibition with the exception of the Balcombe Green site which was withdrawn directly after the Exhibition. Please note that the Powdermills/Sunningdale site has also changed more recently so that it now excludes Powdermills and other land within the flood risk zone. A similar number of dwellings will probably be able to be accommodated on the revised Sunningdale site.
  3. Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan Committee Meetings. Agendas and Minutes.

19th October 2013. The sites consultation following the 14/15 September Exhibition has now closed. Thank you to all who have submitted their choices of 5 sites suitable for development in the parish and their comments on the sites. These are being analysed by Linda Jones & Partners of Suffolk.

3rd October 2013. The Parish Council has now received 324 Residents' Forms completed at and following the September Exhibition. We also have a further 11 comment forms from Nonresidents. The Residents' Forms are now with the professional researcher for analysis. There is, however, still time for you to provide your comments whether resident or not as the CLOSING DATE IS NOT UNTIL 18 OCTOBER 2013. See information detailed on 16 September below. Or, click here to see the sites. NB THE BALCOMBE GREEN SITE HAS BEEN WITHDRAWN.

24th September 2013. The Neighbourhood Plan Committee has decided to send the Exhibition Comment Forms to Linda Jones and Partners for analysis. Forms will continue to be accepted until 18 October either by e-mail or by special arrangement for people without internet access. Please spread the word that anyone can telephone Pauline Raymond on 01424 870508 for further details.

Some people have been asking when the building will start. We are a long way off this as producing a Neighbourhood Plan is an extended process which by law has to pass through various stages. The current consultation will allow the Parish Council to have further discussions with owners regarding the sites that are being supported by residents and to consider how to deal with matters that have arisen from residents' comments on the sites. The next public consultation after this one will be a 6-week statutory period for consultation on what is known as the "Pre-Submission Plan". This is expected to be available in Sedlescombe in the first part of 2014 but timing is not definite yet.

Before the Pre-Submission Plan is available, the Parish Council will be publishing "The State of the Parish" Report. So there is still plenty to get involved with and The Plan is by no means finished.

16th September 2013. We know that, although we had a very good attendance at our event over the last two days, there were a lot of people away for the weekend and, therefore, unable to attend. The post-exhibition report can be read here. Those who did come will know that the display boards are interesting and informative and may want to look at them again. There will, therefore, be an ongoing opportunity for everyone to see the boards online by clicking here. You will also be able to complete the form whether a resident or not. Closing date FRIDAY

18th October 2013. Please e-mail for the appropriate form to be sent to you.



Did you complete the Residents' Survey back in July?  More than 600 people did.  The results are now available and will be on display at the Grand Exhibition in the Hall this weekend.  Residents will be asked to choose and rank their top 5 Sedlescombe housing development sites out of 11 that will be on show.   Also to say which sites they definitely would not like to see developed.

All are welcome whether living in Sedlescombe or not.  Everyone will have the opportunity to make their own comments on each proposed site.

Please come.  It is an opportunity to meet your parish councillors and to help shape housing development in Sedlescombe over the  next 15 years.  It is also your opportunity to consider a range of community benefits which could arise from building the 35 additional properties which Sedlescombe is required to show in its Plan.

The Parish Council is very grateful to the Garden Society, Pestalozzi and Rother District Council for the loan of the display boards and to Pumphouse Designs and Rother District Council that provided the printed material for the Exhibition.

14th and 15th September 2013. EXHIBITION IN SEDLESCOMBE VILLAGE HALL, 10 AM TO 4PM EACH DAY. ALL WELCOME. Results of the recent residents' survey will be on display together with small plans and details of each site which remains on the list of those for put forward for possible housing development in Sedlescombe. All sites have been considered by the Parish Council and categorised under 3 headings - Category 1 acceptable under the site criteria arising from the survey; Category 2 marginal as further work needs to be undertaken and Category 3 which, in the opinion of the Parish Council are unacceptable because they do not meet the criteria. However, residents will be able to comment at the Exhibition. Please note that the display of any site at the Exhibition does not mean that it will or will not be developed in the future. We look forward to seeing you there.

27th August 2013. Sedlescombe Parish Council resolved that the Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan Project Group should be constituted as the Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan Committee with executive powers.

13th August 2013. Meeting of the Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan Project Group.

7th August 2013. We are pleased to announce that we have received completed questionnaires from 58.16% of the 643 households listed in the 2011 census for Sedlescombe parish. Thank you to all who have taken part in this part of the Neighbourhood Plan exercise. See here for the breakdown of areas in the parish.


Thank you to Mark Winchester for his sponsorship of this draw

CHANGE OF DATE AND VENUE - THE DRAW WILL NOW TAKE PLACE ON SATURDAY 27 JULY 2013 AT THE VILLAGE FAYRE AT 4PM. Three prize-winning tickets in connection with Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan Survey to be drawn (prizes Blackbrooks vouchers of £30, £20 and £10).

25th July 2013. The number of completed survey forms topped 600. A magnificent result.

22th July 2013. Parish councillors met Claverham Community College older pupils who live in Sedlescombe.

Claverham 22 July 2013

20th July 2013. Received letter from Greg Barker MP enclosing a letter from Nick Boles MP regarding housing numbers. See here.

19th July 2013. Closing date for return of survey forms to Pauline Raymond, Woodland Cottage, Chapel Hill, Sedlescombe. There is a box for returns in the Village Shop.

16th July 2013. Letter of congratulation from the Department for Communities and Local Government on being awarded the full grant of £7,000 towards employment of a Planning Consultant. The first instalment of £6,300 has been approved for payment. See here.

16th July 2013. Meeting of Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan Project Group. Members updated on progress of the survey including the work of Street Champions in encouraging residents to complete their survey forms. Next stages in consultation considered.

16th July 2013. Second batch of completed forms sent off for analysis.

14th July 2013. Local volunteers known as "Street Champions" began to visit homes in the parish to encourage residents to complete their forms. 30% of completed forms already received but more needed to ensure a representative view of the whole parish is obtained.


12th July 2013. The number of returns has now topped 300 ie more than a quarter of Sedlescombe residents have returned their completed forms. JUST A WEEK TO GO BEFORE THE CLOSING DATE.

8th July 2013. More than 160 of the 1200 survey forms have been completed and returned by Sedlescombe residents. Many more awaited - please keep sending in your views.

5th July 2013. Application submitted to Locality for £7,000 Neighbourhood Plan funding.

5th July 2013. Article in Hastings & St Leonards Observer re Sedlescombe's Neighbourhood Plan.

3rd July 2013. Letter from Greg Barker MP re housing numbers enclosing letter from Derek Stevens (Chief Executive of Rother District Council). Click here.

1st July 2013. Rother Cabinet agreed Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan Area.

1st July 2013. Meeting of Rother's Cabinet. Click here to take you directly to Rother's Report to Cabinet.

Early July 2013. Survey form to be sent to every resident over 18 in the parish of Sedlescombe.

28th June 2013. Large notices put up around the Village encouraging residents to complete their survey forms.

26th & 28th June 2013. Parish Councillors had two meetings with First and Second Year Pestalozzi students.

17th June 2013. Meeting of the SNPPG, Committee Room 2 of the Village Hall at 18:30 for members only. Open to the public at 19:30. Click here to go straight to the agenda.

29th May 2013. Letter sent to Gregory Barker MP objecting to the possible increase in the number of houses that will need to be built on sites of 6 or more properties within or close to the development boundary before 2028. These increased numbers are in addition to extant planning permissions and developments remote from the already built-up area of the village. Click here for copy.

20th May 2013. Added several extra names to the Neighbourhood Plan database over the last couple of weeks. Write to if you live in Sedlescombe parish and would like to be included.

20th May 2013. Closing date for Site Allocations in Sedlescombe to be submitted to the Parish Council.

10th May 2013. Cllr Jonathan Vine-Hall registered as the main point of contact for The Supporting Communities in Neighbourhood Planning Support Programme.

10th May 2013. Closing date for objections to the Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan Area. No comments received by Rother.

7th May 2013 at 18:30, committee room 2 of the village hall. Meeting of the Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan Project Group. Attended by Mr Anton Draper from the Department of Communities and Local Government and Mr Norman Kwan Senior Planning Officer at Rother District Council. Matters discussed were evidence sources, e-mail database, street champions, criteria for site assessment, general conformity, advice from East Sussex Highways and Environment Agency, benefits to Sedlescombe community, resident survey distribution, planning consultant quotes and monthly meeting dates.

30th April 2013. Annual Assembly of the Parish Meeting of Sedlescombe held in the Village Hall. More than 130 people attended. Chairman of the Parish Council spoke about the Neighbourhood Plan and there were some initial discussions within the hall. 28 additional e-mail addresses added to the distribution list.

23rd April 2013. Informal meeting of, and inspection by, some members of the Group regarding possible sites suitable for housing development.

22nd April 2013. Notice sent to 118 e-mail addresses that have been registered in Sedlescombe reminding them of the forthcoming Annual Parish Assembly on 30/04/13 where the Chairman will give an update on the Neighbourhood Plan.

19th April 2013. Article in Sedlescombe News asking residents to register on the e-mail distribution list.

12th April 2013. Tender documents sent out for the employment of a Planning Consultant.

12th April 2013. Contact made with landowners regarding possible development sites.

12th April 2013. Article in Sedlescombe News regarding the request for development sites.

11th April 2013. Fixed date for public exhibition in Village Hall for 14 and 15 September 2013.

9th April 2013. 2nd meeting of the Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Planning Project Group. Vision Statement for Sedlescombe adopted as follows: To make Sedlescombe a vibrant place that values its past but looks to the future, where people are proud to live and work and to be part of a caring community. To ensure the character of the village is maintained whilst allowing growth and encouraging a sense of community through well-planned housing appropriate to the needs of the community.

Also discussed were the Detailed Action Plan for the SNPPG; the E-mail Database; Street Champions; Responsibilities; Criteria for Site Assessment; a Resident Survey; Mapping of Potential Sites; Future meetings of the SNPPG. Date of next meeting fixed for 7 May 2013.

26th March 2013. Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Area advertised on village noticeboard outside shop.

26th March 2013. Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Area advertised on Sedlescombe Parish Council's website.

March-April 2013. Sedlescombe 2013 Annual Report & Directory produced by the Parish Council including an article on the proposed Neighbourhood Plan. Delivered to every home in the parish of Sedlescombe.

25th March 2013. 4-page A5 flyer produced asking for development sites. Delivered to every home in the parish of Sedlescombe.

March 2013. Rother District Council launched a new Neighbourhood Planning webpage on its site advertising Sedlescombe's Neighbourhood Area.

22nd March 2013. Rother District Council announced in the Battle Observer that Sedlescombe would be undertaking a Neighbourhood Plan for the whole of the parish of Sedlescombe. Objectors given until the 10 May 2013 to comment. Notice here. Map of area covered by the proposed Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan here.

20th March 2013. Cllr Vine-Hall, Cllr Glew and Cllr Parsons attended a Neighbourhood Planning event at Crowborough.

19th March 2013. First meeting of the SNPPG held attended by all nine parish councillors and the Clerk. Agreed to co-opt a further local person. Jonathan Vine-Hall elected as Chairman of the Group. Initial discussions held.

19th March 2013. Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan Project Group (SNPPG) constituted by the Parish Council with Terms of Reference.

18th March 2013. Cllr Vine-Hall (Chairman of the Parish Council) and the Clerk attended a meeting at Rother District Council with Anthony Leonard (Director of Services), Tim Hickling (Head of Planning), David Marlow (Planning Strategy & Environment Manager and District Councillor Tony Ganly. The meeting had been called at Cllr Vine-Hall's request to ask that Rother agrees to provide a proportion of the grant aid it would be receiving from DCLG to Sedlescombe Parish Council. Rother representatives argued that the cost of advising and assisting the Parish Council during the Neighbourhood Plan process would probably cost more than it will be receiving and Rother risks not getting more than the first £5,000 if the Plan does not go through to Examination. Rother suggested that the £7,000 being promised to parish councils themselves by DCLG should cover around the Parish Council's costs and that any shortfall should be made up through the Sedlescombe precept.

15th March 2013. E-mail sent to distribution list informing them that the Parish Council has decided to do a Neighbourhood Plan

February/March Cllr Vine-Hall contacted DCLG, SALC and others concerning funding for the Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan


The following statements were forwarded to Rother District Council:

  1. Sedlescombe Parish Council is a "qualifying body" for the preparation of a Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan (SNP).
  2. The whole of the parish of Sedlescombe has been designated to be included in the SNP. This will allow all parts of the parish to be involved in considering issues raised through the Plan process.
  3. The SNP is expected to be limited to consideration of Policies and Site Allocations for housing development within the parish to meet the target figure of 17 specified for Sedlescombe in the Rother District Core Strategy to 2028 plus identification of areas where money raised from the expected Community Infrastructure Levy and allocated to the Parish Council may be spent.

16th January 2013. Cllr Vine-Hall, Cllr Glew, Cllr Parsons and the Clerk travelled to meet the Chair of Slaugham Parish Council which had reached the Pre-Submission Stage of their Neighbourhood Plan. Discussions held.

January 2013. Exchange of e-mails between Sedlescombe and Slaugham regarding the process they had adopted and problems experienced.