Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan - Frequently asked questions

Q How can I find out what is in the revised draft pre-submission Neighbourhood Plan?
A All the relevant documents can be seen under "Consultation 2016 (reg14) Pre-Submission".

Q How can I comment on the proposed development sites?
A By completing a Consultation Form - Sedlescombe households received 2 with the July 2016 Bulletin
Need more forms? These can be downloaded HERE. If you know someone without internet access, please tell them to ring the Clerk (075 310 654 69) who will be able to make some arrangements.

Q How are the Neighbourhood Plan and the Parish Council Related?
A The Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan Project Group (SNPPG) was an advisory committee of the Parish Council but is now an executive committee of the Council, made up entirely of parish councillors. The Council has delegated the committee to prepare the Plan.

Q What is a Neighbourhood Plan?
A A Neighbourood Plan, sometimes called a Neighbourhoud Development Plan, is a document that, once in place, ensures that development in Sedlescombe over the next 15 years is in line with what we, the residents want. It allows us to agree, as a community, when and where development takes place and the type, size and design of new development. The Neighbourhood Plan is a legally binding document through the Localism Act 2012 that must be respected by planners.

Q Why bother? What happens if Sedlescombe does not have a Neighbourhood Plan?
A The continuing growth of population in the South East, and the revocation of the South East Plan means that Sedlescombe will come under growing pressure from developers and, without a Neighbourhood Plan, a presumption of approval may be assumed. The Neighbourhood Plan will empower the parish to help shape and determine how Sedlescombe develops in the future.

Q Who decides what's in the Neighbourhood Plan?
A The Parish Council, in consultation with all residents of Sedlescombe, Rother District Council and statutory consultees. The Plan must be in general conformity with strategic polices in the Rother District Council Core Strategy and have regard to the National Planning Policy. It must also be compatible with human rights requirements and EU obligations. At the end of the process, the Plan will only be adopted as planning policy IF it is approved in a parish-wide referendum.

Q Who will pay for the production of this Plan?
A Much of the work involved with producing the Plan will be undertaken by parish councillors. The whole idea of the plans originated in Government; the Department of Communities and Local Government is being very supportive. Sedlescombe Parish Council initially obtained £7,000 in Grant Aid and in April 2016 secured a further grant of £8,800 to revise the plan. This grant is to cover the cost of professional fees. The Localism Act requires the District Council to give substantial help and advice to parishes and grant aid is being provided by Government to them also.

Q How can I participate?
A You can send your views + questions to Parish Council by emailing
- You can add your name to the electronic database to be kept informed.
- You can attend the SNP exhibition at the Village Hall on Sunday 31st July 2016 - 10am to 4pm.
- You can answer questionnaires that are produced.

14th July 2016